Fitness 101 – Get to Know the Basics

If you want to gain that healthier body and maintain a healthier life, you will have to keep in mind that you need to focus on many things to make things happen. A lifestyle change should always be a positive thing for you as all regimens that you may encounter will actually require you to make changes in your life. These changes may be somehow challenging to comply with at first, but with knowing exactly what you need to do and what is good for you, maintaining a healthy body will not be as hard as it seems at all. Here are the basics

Allow Changes in Your Lifestyle

You can start with the simple things like drinking water first thing in the morning so you can control your eating habits and get rehydrated to start your day. Control your eating by portioning your meals. You will also have to make sure that you get enough sleep for about eight hours a day as recommended. These are just simple things to kick start your fitness regimen.

fitness basics

Exercise is a Must!

Try engaging in cardio exercises for about three days a week for at least twenty minutes to start with. Once you feel like you need more exercise you can increase your workout session to four days a week for about 45 minutes. You can perform compound exercises which can include squats and various cardio exercises.

Workout and Equipment

Most likely you would opt to go to a gym to keep your body fit through the use of gym equipment. However, this is not always the case, you can also opt for workout which you can do inside your own home by just using what you may already have at home. If you opt for lifting, you can make use of sand bags, kegs, boulders or even heavy rocks.

Or you can try new stunts such as handstand pushups or bridges. Aside from lifting equipment you should also consider the shoes that you will be wearing. If you were to start engaging in cardio exercises such as walking or running you must get the appropriate shoes. Shoes with padding are recommended for those engaging in running to reduce impact.

What to Eat When Engaging in Weightlifting

Diet in weightlifting will involve a lot of high protein foods. First in your list would be milk and eggs as such food contain as much protein needed to get you as much energy you need. You can also include various meat options in you menu such as ground beef and tuna. If you would go for some snacks, go for low fat cheese and fruit smoothies.

Make Wise Food Choices

It is truly essential in every single person who wants to get fit to know what choices of food to eat to maintain a healthy life. Mixed fruits and vegetables on every meal that you take is a must. You can opt to add lean meat to your meals such as turkey and beef. Fish and eggs will always be the best priority to supplement your protein needs. Don’t forget to add some beans and gains in your food as well. Take note that you will always need to opt for a balance diet and be careful with or minimize eating fatty foods.